I’ve been working on this three-piece set for a couple that live in the neighborhood who wanted to capture the essence of it at night, in black and white. That’s three challenging aspects at once: distilling the essence of a vibrant, burgeoning neighborhood in to three frames; shooting at night under natural and found light; shooting in black and white (light does awesome things to color at night, B&W is all about texture). It took me a few weeks but I finally got the three that I wanted, and all were approved immediately by the commissioners. I’m printing them on dye-sublimated aluminum, a first time for me, at the request of the couple who wanted to use that medium to match the other photos in their home.

I’ll follow this up after they are installed with an opinion piece about the dye-sub Al prints, but all signs point to it being very successful.

This is the triptych and the order it will be installed; one print above the other.

– DR