I got my Magna Chrome prints in the mail and delivered them to the eagerly awaiting clients yesterday. They were nothing less than spectacular. If I can afford it I’m having them print all my show pieces from now on and I’m going to try and convince everyone who wants a print to spring for the dye-sub aluminum instead of a paper print+framing.

I’ll break it down like this: Paper print ($120) + framing for 20×30 print ($200+)

Dye-sub aluminum print, with built in hanger ($300), nothing else to buy, and looks so much better

I’d only only not use them when I want to create a textural effect or am showing photos that are very visceral; in that case matte paper prints are more appropriate. I’m looking forward to seeing the dye-sub prints for color work, I’m sure it’s just as impressive.

Well that’s the scoop. It was a good time shooting, the prints came out well, and the clients are happy with the results. You can’t ask for anything more.

– DR